SMART BOT - Robot that is built for all ages. Build more than 100+ Real time application in no time(No Programming background required).


It can simply be turned for following operations

  1. Light Follower – Transport and Communication ( View Live DEMO )
  2. Line Follower Robot
  3. Wall Hugger Robot
  4. Object Tracer Robot
  5. Light Tracer Robot
  6. Hand Hugger Robot
  7. Obstacle Avoider Robot
  8. Intelligent Grid Mover Robot
  9. Remote Controlled Robot
  10. PC USB Controlled Robot
  11. Maze Solver Robot
  12. Sumo Robot

SMART-Bot Salient features:

  1. Easy and simple to use
  2. No soldering or gluing required
  3. Made for complete beginners (No knowledge of Robotics or Programming needed)
  4. Develop skills of microelectronics, programming, robotics and sensors
  5. Assembles in 10minutes(We can give you Pre-assembled – Ready to use) – easy and quick start into robotics, no soldering or gluing required
  6. Virtually all items included. Nothing needs to be bought separately.

Eg. Tools, battery, charger, remote, USB Cable etc.

  1. USB connectivity for maximum compatibility with all PC’s and Laptops
  2. Easy Icon-based visual programming for beginners – sample programs included
  3. On board li-ion rechargeable battery which can run SMART-Bot for more than 3 hours.
  4. Battery charged through USB or special charger

Input Modules Onboard:

  1. 3X Proximity Sensors
  2. 3X Line Follower Sensors
  3. 2X Motor Counter Sensors
  4. 1X Remote Control Receiver Sensor
  5. 1X Ambient Light Sensor
  6. 3X General Purpose Switches

Output Modules On board:

  1. 1X 16X2 Character LCD
  2. 3X General Purpose LED’s
  3. 2X Motors & Motor Drivers
  4. 1X Buzzer
  5. 1X USB TX & RX

Other Board Features:

  1. 1X Power Indication LED
  2. 1X Charge Indication LED
  3. 1X 4 Way Sensor Selection Switch
  4. 8X Sensor State Indication LED’s
  5. 1X Reset Switch
  6. 1X Power On/Off Switch
  7. 1X DC Input Jack

SMART-Bot Package Includes:

  1. 1X Fully Assembled Main Circuit board with all above features
  2. 1X Li-ion Rechargeable Battery 3.7V, 1.4Ah with protection circuit
  3. 2X Geared DC motors
  4. 2X Mounting Clamps for motor
  5. 2X Wheels
  6. 1X Castor
  7. 1X USB Cable
  8. 1X Remote Control
  9. 1X Battery Charger Adapter
  10. 1X CD with all software and documentation
  11. 1X Printed Manual
  12. All screws, nuts and cable ties

 Free Labs samples on how to program

1.       LED
2.       Buzzer
3.       LCD Panel
4.       IR Proximity Sensor
5.       Distance Measuring
6.       IR Remote Control
7.       3 Programmable switches
8.       Servo Motors
SMART BOT - Build more than 100+ Real time application in no time.

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